Our Values

Our values are based on communityship, mutual benefit and trust. We have simple rules.  A member contribute and the community contribute to the member. A member commit to the community and the community commit to the member. A member share with the community and the community share with the member. A member trust in the community and the community trust in the member.

If a member breach the trust of the community, the community lose trust in a member. It does not mean exclusion, but it means the member have to regain the trust and inclusion of the community. Repeated breach of trust can lead to exclusion.

But we don’t share all. We believe in individualism and personal motivation too. We can all have our individual projects and make our personal success. We believe in empowering each others. But selfish greed and egoism does not belong. Neither does envy and jealousy. We believe in community empowering and cherishing of the individual’s success. We believe success make the individual strong and return more to the community, thus empowers the community and all community members in reaching their personal success.

We believe that an individual who feels fear, feels hunger or does not feel free to move will adapt a “take – no trust – don’t give” survival mode subconsciousness behaviour. As a community we help each other to stay out of survival mode. We help each other with safe places to stay, with food and water and with mobility and communication technology.

We believe that addictions can lead to similar survival mode behaviour. We help people to get out of addictions to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. We believe the key to get out of addictions is to provide positive feelings of inclusion, self-confidence and trust.

We are not a non-profit charity organisation. We are micro-entrepreneurs,  entrepreneurs, business people and normal people, who simply has found out that big houses, expensive food, big cars and a big fortune has very little life value, compared to feeling safe, full, free, included, self-confident, trusted and loved.

Our economy model is a distributed community circular economy model, but economy to us is not only money. Money is merely a ressource. It has no higher value than time, skills, things, care or whatever people have to offer.

We believe in equal opportunities and small community democracy. We believe in family values and community interdependence. We believe governments, non-profit charity organizations and corporate businesses have a purpose in organizing certain things, but we believe the world has made a fatal mistake in centralising power and money into faceless organizations where corruption, nepotism and greed for profit thrives at great cost of civil safety, welfare, justice and equal opportunities.