Eco-network-Sunday News Channel

Global news about local Eco-projects

“Act Local – Think Global” has been used by politicians, organisations and media for many years. Thousand of “Eco-news” media exists, but it seems most of them are driven more by thinking global, than what is the most important. “ACT LOCAL”.

The Eco-network-Sunday News will provide a media channel for local Eco-entrepreneurs to promote their local Eco-projects – in their local area – but in a Think Global context.

Private people who pay an Eco-network-sundays member subscription, will be granted a login to the Eco-network Sundays Blog Page, where they can post Eco articles, stories, photos and videos – about their projects and area – for locals – and for the world.

There will be rules, and the News channel editor(s) will have two roles. Number 1 is to approve the news contents, and number 2 is to assist with making news contents.