Eco-Project (Net)Work Tour Mexico Request Letter

Dear Eco-entrepreneurs and Eco-empowerers,

Hi! We are Olav and Emilio. Two men from Denmark and Mexico. We may make an odd team, but what has brought us together is a love for the environment, and empowering those who seek to help protect it. On the 10th of December 2018, we will embark on a 4000 km trip from La Paz, Baja California Sur, to Aguascalientes mainland Mexico.

We are contacting you to request accommodation, food and a bit of money in exchange for physical labor and administrative assistance. With years of experience on farms and in nature, physically we can help you with manual labor, construction and more. For your administrative needs we can help you with marketing, promotion, content writing and more.

We are looking specifically for Eco-friendly projects which can be anything from baking healthy organic bread to an Eco-tourism or education project.  We are particularly seeking projects that create positive social changes and inspire people to think and act with more Eco-consciousness. You can see projects already added to our blog here:

We are passionate Eco-entrepreneurs ourselves, and on this journey we want to test the network of the environmentally conscious. We don’t just want to meet Eco-entrepreneurs, we want to be involved in their projects by helping any way we can in exchange for some small comforts along our journey.

Another goal is to create a large network of Eco-entrepreneurs across Mexico and connect them to our larger ‘Eco-Network-Sundays’ events. These events are held on Sundays from 6 pm. to 8 pm “somewhere” by “someone”. The intention is for people to have a place to go where they can have good time and network with other people who care about the environment. As you can see on our blog, local Eco-entrepreneurs can come and present their ideas, projects and plans. You can also be part of this sharing community for a small yearly fee.

Our only goal is to help you succeed in making a living off of helping the planet.

We are excited to meet you and your project, to add you to the our growing community of Eco-entrepreneurs, and help you in any way we can.

To Eco-entrepreneurs who can find value in our offer, this is what we request:

We ask Eco-entrepreneurs for a place to sleep, food and water. We also ask for a payment of 200 pesos to pay for a one year’s Eco-network-Sundays membership.

Should you be very kind, you may choose to also help with an additional 300 pesos to help cover gas and food expenses on our 4000 km journey.

If you find it difficult to pay the above, we would still like to offer you our services. However, then we would kindly ask you to help us find an “Eco-empowerer” to help cover the costs of our services and journey.

For questions kindly contact For questions about membership fees, and payment options, please send a private message to ECO-Network-Sundays Facebook page or send an email to

To Eco-empowerers who would like to support a local Eco-entrepreneur,

Most people care for both the environment and social causes, but everyday life can be busy and supporting good causes with time can be difficult. Therefore many choose to be “Eco-entrepreneur empowerers”, supporting local and global causes with donations. If you are an Eco-empowerer, we kindly ask for a donation of 500 pesos, that will allow us to help a local Eco-entrepreneur of your choice with work and promotion.

Thank you – we wish you and all of nature a happy future

Olav Lange Hansen & Emilio Cabrera

Read more about our project here: “4000 km Baja to inland Mexico Eco-project work’n exploration tour