Frequently asked questions:

What is an Eco-Network-Sundays event?

The idea is of course to talk about the environment and network with other environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and empowerers. But apart from that, it is simply a social gathering, where people talk, network and have a good time. It can be at a beach, in nature, in a private home, in a community house, at a restaurant, at a bar or wherever the host prefers. Usually it is held on Sundays from 6 pm to 8 pm, but it can be on any day and at any time the host arranges it.

Who can arrange an Eco-Network-Sundays event.

Anybody. You don’t need to be a member.

How is an Eco-Network-Sundays event promoted?

As of now, all events can be promoted at the Eco-Networks-Sundays global Facebook page. From here it can be shared to any Facebook page. Later it will be on regional or local Facebook pages, and we are also looking into other media, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

What are the obligations of an Eco-Network-Sundays event host.

A host has two easy obligations. To be at the event location at the time published, and to welcome people who show up.

In addition to that, we recommend hosts have paper and pens, to take notes about projects, share contact details and relevant information. It is also an advantage to have a smartphone, tablet or a computer with internet access, to show the www.eco-network-sundays.com webpage, Eco-project pages, blogs, etc.

What do you need to do, if you want to host an Eco-Network-Sundays event?

It involves the following easy steps:

Write a private message to the Eco-Network-Sundays Facebook Page. You can use this text as a template (replace the text in brackets):

Hi, I would like to host an Eco-Network-Sundays event at [the location where you will host the event] on [weekday and date] from [time of start and end].

I would like the following text to appear on the event:
[Write your text, preferably less than 250 characters]

You can also send photos you want posted with the event, a video, or a link to a youtube video.

When we have received this, we will post the event on Facebook and return a link to you, so you can share it to friends and relevant groups.

Can people raise funds at Eco-Network-Sundays?

The short answer is “Yes”and we encourage that you do. However, it is at the responsibility of the individual. Please read “How is Eco-Network-Sundays different than other non-profit organizations, etc.” below.

How is Eco-Network-Sundays different than other non-profit organizations, etc.

We don’t raise money for an organization where people are employed and paid high salaries to administer money. Organizations administering a lot of money, can often  have problems of corruption or mishandling. Therefore we are not a registered organization.

We are different. We are a community of individuals, who help each other. We help Eco-entrepreneurs in our network to raise money for their own personal Eco-projects. We believe entrepreneurs will make much more social and environmental impact if they can make their Eco-projects become so profitable, that they can make a living from it. We believe that community members who make personal success, will also make the community stronger. We believe in “all for one – one for all” with a taste of modern individualism. Please also read Our Values.