The Little Farm on the Savannah

A project about a Kenyan family helping Kenyan women and children out of violent relationships – and about education to become independent.

Dear reader, thank you for visiting this page. My name is Elizabeth Njeri Kamau. I am a 33 year old Kenyan teacher. For five years of my life, I lived in Nairobi’s slum in a violent … [Read more]

A stay at “The Little Farm on the Savannah” is for women who seek to escape marriages with violent and oppressive husbands. The stay should first and foremost… [Read more]

There is a daily school schedule at “The Little Farm on the Savannah”. Fridays are not strike days, but the school schedule says “Fridays for Future”. It’s about learning to live in balance… [Read more]

We need you, but whether you make a donation, give a micro-loan or become a sponsor for a woman or a child, you get “Sponsor Points” you can use for shopping … [Read more]