The Little Farm – Founder’s Letter

Elizabeth Njeri Kamau – Founder of the Little Farm on the Savannah

Dear reader, thank you for visiting this page. My name is Elizabeth Njeri Kamau. I am a 33 year old Kenyan teacher. For five years of my life, I lived in a violent relationsship in Nairobi’s slums.

I have two children with my ex-husband. Unfortunately, he began to drink, and our relationship became marked by violence, humiliation and oppression. I was lucky to escape my first marriage.

I gained my independence and freedom because of my education and ability to sustain myself and my children financially.

In addition, I was fortunate that I also had a strong and supportive family and community. They helped secure me and my children from the fear of physical and mental nuisance from my ex-husband during and after the divorce.

I live in Nairobi, but intend to move back to my parents’ farm where my family and I have started a project for battered women. We want to help other women and children out of relationships where they experience abuse and domestic violence. We want to provide protection, but also education and assistance to financial independence.

We knew in advance a woman who had long wanted help. She has two young children, and both she and the children experience violence from an alcoholic husband, so we hope we can help her as soon as possible.

My family has provided assistance by offering us to build 12 homes on the farm’s 5 acres land, and also by temporarily making a traditional “mud-walled house with iron sheet roof” available as a resident’s house. The family has also served as volunteers since we started the project in the beginning of November 2019.

Since then, thanks to financial assistance from my Danish friend and his family, we have been able to build a natural stone house. Although the money has only been able to reach one room with a roof, it already functions as an office and accommodation for volunteers. The “classroom” has also been in use, although it is still a room without roof and other equipment and furniture than two chairs and a table lent by my parents. PC and Android mobile phone with Wifi was lent by my Danish friend, until he returned to Denmark just before Christmas.

We have not achieved our goals yet, but I am very happy and optimistic. We started with very small funds and with great doubt, but thanks to the financial support and hard work of a lot of people, we have come really far. But we have a long way to go, and so of course I would be incredibly grateful if you would chose to support us.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Njeri Kamau
Founder and Committee Chairman